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Wood Wire Tree Of Life Pendant For Your Viking Girl


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Suprise your Viking Girl with this loving necklace

What does this jewelry represent ?

The Vikings believed that all the worlds of the Norse cosmos were held among the trees and branches of Yggdrasil, the life tree. 

The Norns, the Norse fates, lived at the base of the tree and carved the fate of men into its bark with the runes.

Together, Yggdrasil and the runes are connected with Viking ideas of fate.

The Vikings believed that their fate was already written. But this did not make them feel powerless. Rather it gave them the courage to act, as what will be will be.

Embrace the Viking ideas of fate and destiny with this striking sterling silver pendant that brings Yggdrasil and the runes together.


-Each of our designs is handmade.
-It is made of walnut wood and high-quality epoxy resin with copper wire wrapped tree of life.
-The pendant is suitable for everyday wear.
-The Leatherette Cord length is 20 Inches. Available in black and brown color.

Pendant size:1,3"(35mm)

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