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Helm Of Awe Futhark Circle Bronze Pendant


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Helm of Awe Futhark Circle Bronze Pendant

💎 Helm of Awe, Aegishjalmur, runic stave
💎 Genuine Nordic magical symbol
💎 Rune for strength and courage
💎 Handmade in fine bronze

Pendant sold separately, perfect with :

➡Genuine Leather Cord: Here 

➡Fine Sterling Silver Chain: Here

What does this jewelry represent ?

Aegishjalmur is one of the most famous magical runic staves associated with the Vikings. Drawn on the forehead, it would give a warrior courage and ensure their success.

They would either defeat their foes, or earn their place in Valhalla.

Odin, the Norse god of wisdom, hung himself from the world tree Yggdrasil for nine days and nine nights while pierced by his own spear in order to learn the secrets of the runes.

The runes were more than just an alphabet, they were a tool for working powerful magic for those who knew how to use them.

Runes could not only describe the world, but could also be used to shape it.

Some of the rune magic of the Vikings has come down to us over the ages through the Icelandic grimoires.

These magical books preserve a number of staves based on the runes that had magical properties, including Aegishjalmur.


Color : Bronze  Size : Size is approx. 1-3/16 (29 mm) diameter  Hole: 2.5mm

 Materials : Bronze

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