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Hand Forged Steel Rune Pendants, Viking Necklace


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Style: A (Ansuz)

  • A (Ansuz)
  • B (Berkano)
  • C/K/Q (Kaunan)
  • D (Dagaz)
  • E (Ehwaz)
  • F (Fehu)
  • G (Gebo)
  • H (Hagalaz)
  • I (Isa)
  • J (Jera)
  • L (Laguz)
  • M (Mannaz)
  • N (Nauthiz)
  • ing (Ingwaz)
  • O (Othala/Odal)
  • P (Pertho)
  • R (Raido)
  • S (Sowulo)
  • T (Tiwaz)
  • U (Uruz)
  • V/W (Wunjo)
  • X (Thurisaz)
  • Y (Iwaz)
  • Z (Algiz)

Nordic Runes Elder Futhark Necklaces 

Each of our Nordic rune pendants are hand forged and completely unique.

Pendant: Steel. 0.8" (21mm) x 1.3" (33mm)
Necklace Options: Free inexpensive cord or with a 26" (66cm) leather bolo cord with pewter wolf heads. 

Note: C, K & Q share the same rune.  V & W also share the same rune.

Rune names and meaning:

  1. A (Ansuz) - Odin, Breath, Inspiration, Wisdom
  2. B (Berkano) - Birch, Birth, Healing, Motherhood
  3. C/K/Q (Kaunan) - Torch, Knowledge, Ulcer, Death
  4. D (Dagaz) - Day, Dawn, Awakening, Morning
  5. E (Ehwaz) - Horse, Trust, Harmony, Teamwork
  6. F (Fehu) - Cattle, Livestock, Wealth, Power
  7. G (Gebo) - Gift, Generosity, Exchange, Sex
  8. H (Hagalaz) - Hail, Hailstone, Storm, Change
  9. I (Isa) - Ice, Stillness, Focus, Challenge
  10. J (Jera) - Year, Harvest, Reward, Patience
  11. K/C/Q (Kaunan) - Torch, Knowledge, Ulcer, Death
  12. L (Laguz) - Water, Ocean, Memory, Dreams
  13. M (Mannaz) - Man, Mankind, Self, Awareness
  14. N (Nauthiz) - Need, Necessity, Hardship, Urgency
  15. ing (Ingwaz) - Seed, Isolation, Transformation, Energy
  16. O (Othala/Odal) - Inheritance, Estate, Homeland, Heritage
  17. P (Pertho) - unknown, possibly Tree, Fate or Feminine
  18. R (Raido) - Ride, Horse, Journey, Movement
  19. S (Sowulo) - Sun, Wholeness, Success, Victory
  20. T (Tiwaz) - The one-handed god Tyr, Warrior, Direction
  21. U (Uruz) - Aurochs, Endurance, Powerful, Rain
  22. V/W (Wunjo) - Joy, Harmony, Contentment, Kinship
  23. X (Thurisaz) - Giants, Thorn, Danger, Resistance
  25. Z (Algiz) - Elk, Protection, Faith, Courage


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